If you own a car and are planning to move to a new city or to a new house then you are required to hire the services of auto transport. This kind of transporting facility is used by many people so as to move their automobiles from one place to another place.

This medium is termed to be very cheap and it ensures to provide a speedy delivery of vehicles. This facility of transport is turning out to be more helpful for those who are willing to shift their vehicles from older place to a newer place of stay. It has helped many individuals who are willing to transport their car through easy and secured means.

To locate out a good auto transport company is not that easy task has we have thought out to be. We are required to follow few tips before hiring the service of any of the car shipping company. In additional to this we are also required to follow some of the safety tips before we transport our vehicle or hand over the vehicle to the company personnel’s.

Being Patient and prepared are the two essential things to be remembered by both you and your vehicle transporter to have a positive experience.This article helps you with the checklists before you ship your car. Be organized for the move. If you fail to prepare properly it would end up costing you more money and delay in shipping your vehicle. You might think this may eat more of your time and may cost you more for preparing priorly.But it is a simple thing which can be done with less time and also with an optimized cost.

When planning keep in mind that some of your vehicles might cost you more because of their weight and the size issues. A general fact is that Car shipping like SUV is much more costlier than shipping a common vehicle.Make sure to review auto transport quotes.

The prime thing to be done is to wash your vehicle before move since it will be easier for you to identify the damages caused during the move. After washing your car check out with all the interior works in the car. Remove them to protect them from damages which might cause during the move.It is recommended to have at least 1/8-1/4 a tank of gas because a low tank decreases the overall weight of the transport. It is also advisable not to empty the tank because the engine might need to be turned off and on during loading and delivery.

The prime thing to be remembered is that your car should be tested by a trusted mechanic before you shipping it. It should be serviced, inspected and repaired and if possible it should be made adaptable for the new climate. Your mechanic should keep you informed with regular safeguarding by keeping the oil changed, by checking the brakes, battery and the air pressure.

Make sure that the top is secured as thoroughly as possible to avoid the damages that occur due to air, Wreckage or moisture. The mirrors should be safeguarded, the antenna should be retracted and exceptional items like fog lights, ground effects or spoilers should be either fully secured or removed to avert them from dent. The alarm should be turned off else provide the guidelines to switch it off.Make a note of the odometer reading before the vehicle is being loaded. If your car which has shipped had arrived with few damages follow the vehicle shipping service’s instructions for filing a claim within 24 hours. Ensure that the driver or the transport company’s agent has signed the record of damages.

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